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Tuesday, Mar 20, 2018 through Wednesday, Mar 21, 2018 PPLC will be CLOSED on Wednesday, March 21st.

The Cuddly Caterpillars - 6 weeks to 12 months

Our Cuddly Caterpillar room is for babies ages 6 weeks through approximately 12 months of age.  The activities for each child are catered to their specific age.  Although there are developmental guidelines for every age group where predictions can be made in regards to a child’s development and learning, the experiences we facilitate at PPLC will be guided by referring to these published milestones, by your knowledge of your child, and by your child’s interests and abilities.

At least every three months, we will provide you with information in regards to these “milestones” that your infant or toddler may be displaying.  This information can be used to support your child’s development at home.  Every day that your child attends, you will receive a daily activity report that will outline the activities observed and presented in the different domains of development.  This report will also provide information on your child’s eating, napping, and diapering.

Every day that your child is with us, he/she will be exposed to a variety of sensory stimulating activities that will increase their language, cognitive, physical, and personal growth and development.  We may go outdoors and explore nature to see what we can see, smell, touch, and hear.  We will listen to stories and name the animals we see, talk about what is happening in the story, point to different objects, and allow the child to turn the pages.  We will sing nursery rhymes, do finger plays and repetitive songs, and introduce new words.  We will ensure that your baby is in an environment that is safe and comfortable, one that allows them space and materials to discover their world.

Tuition / $405 a week.  No part time or half day programs for this age group