Peter Pan Learning Center

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Center Calendar

Important dates for Peter Pan Learning Center are listed below, related to scheduled center closings, and semester dates.


July 18- Water Day for the Crickets; PJ and Movie Day for the 6-10's
July 19th - Water Day and Hawaiian Luau for the 6-10's; Water Day and bring a Toy Day for the LadybugsJuly 20th- JUMPBUNCH; Crazy Hair Day for the 6-10's; Water Day for the BumblebeesJuly 21st- Bike Day for the 6-10'sJuly 24th- Merritt Pool Trip for the 6-10'sJuly 25th- Water Day for the Crickets; Christmas In JulyJuly 26th- Water Day for the Ladybugs; Costume Day for 6-10'sJuly 27th- JUMPBUNCH; Water Day for the bumblebees; Pizza Party for the 6-10'sJuly 28- PJ and Movie Day for the Ladybugs; Bring your favorite cereal for the 6-10's


August 10- JUMPBUNCH; 6-10's should bring their favorite snackAugust 11- Ladybugs should bring a sample of their favorite cereal to share; Bike Day for the BumblebeesAugust 15- Water Day for the Crickets and the 6-10's; Ladybugs should bring a basket for a Nature Walk   August 16- Ladybugs have Water Day; Pirate Cruise Field Trip for the Bumblebees and 6-10'sAugust 17- JUMPBUNCH; Water Day for the Bumblebees; 6-10's have Upside-down, Inside out, and Backwards DayAugust 18- Ladybugs should bring a Bubble Toy for bubble playAugust 21- Water Day for the CricketsAugust 22- Brunch for Lunch for the 6-10's; Crickets should bring a bike for Bike DayAugust 23- Ladybugs  should bring a toy for Water DayAugust 24- JUMPBUNCH; Water Day for the Bumblebees *** BREAST CANCER FUNDRAISER AT PPLC!! 6:30-8***August 25- Ladybugs have PJ Day!; 6-10's should bring their favorite book
August 29- Ladybugs should bring a ball for Ball Day; water Day for the 6-10's; PJ Day for the Crickets  August 30- Water Day for the Ladybugs and CricketsAugust 31- PPLC closes at 1:00


September 1- PPLC is CLOSEDSeptember 4- PPLC is CLOSED for Labor DaySeptember 5- FIrst day of the school year-WELCOME BACK!!September 25- PICTURE DAY!